Ann & Maurie Lowe

Ann & Morrie 1We left England in 1965. And settled in Newcastle (a good move) We both love country music. Ann likes songs with meaning, while I like Australian bush ballads.

We first joined The Steel City Country Music Club in 1981and enjoyed the mixing with others having the same interest. After an absence of a few years we have rejoined the club and look forward to our Tuesday nights.

In 1988 Ann recorded an album of her favourite songs with Rex Dallas and eh Dallas Cowboys at Fassifern. Ann has been a guest artist around various clubs and venues and has supportedĀ some of the top performers in Country, but now it’s mainly senior citizens clubs or nursing homes these days for both of us. This something we still both enjoy doing and if it helps bring a little happiness to someone it make us feel some much better as well.Ann & Morrie 2

It is good to have a club like Steel City. Many recording artist of today or over the years might never have made it, except for club like our Steel City Country Music Club.

So thanks to all who start up these venues, it gives everyone a fair go.