Sherrie & Dave Mace

About Sherrie & Dave Mace 

Sheri & Dave

Sherrie.  “ I  grew up in Charters Towers, the country music capital of Far North Qld, and  started singing from the age of 9.  I competed in a lot of country music festivals all over QLD, and won quite a few awards along the way.  I have a lot of memories sitting around the dining table, with my mum playing guitar, singing songs like Walking after midnight. I moved to Townsville when I was 17 & met Dave, after a family friend, who was a courier, delivered parcels to Dave’s Music Store and suggested I go see him, I ended up in a 6 piece covers band, called Bits n Pieces, we changed to a 5 piece band where I took over lead vocals and the band was renamed ‘Sherry’, much to my delight of course!  We played in a lot of pubs and clubs. After we ‘joined forces’, we moved around a lot, Cairns, Brisbane, back to Cairns where our 2 boys were born, Rory 10 & Kade 8.

Dave changed jobs once again and we ended up in Newcastle, where we have now been for 8 years. Having our boys put our music on hold for a number of years, but we are once again involving ourselves more heavily and are very excited with what the next few years may bring. The Country Music scene here is fantastic and are here to stay for a while I think. I love my music, love singing, and love having a family that is involved in music together. Both the boys are very keen, with Rory now learning keyboards. Kade learning bass but his heart is set on being a drummer! We love the support we have at Steel City, and look forward to a long future together”.

Dave “I am originally from Sydney, one of five kids. I always loved music and guitars, from a very young age. Dad was a country and western yodeller, and had this Hawaiian guitar stashed under the house, but I wasn’t allowed near it. Maybe the mystery of it sealed my future…  Mum and Dad, very money wise people, stunned me when they bought a Thomas Colour glow organ.

Two rows of keys, more buttons than you could poke a stick at, and I was in love, bashing out songs from Uriah Heep and Emerson Lake and Palmer. I think I was about 11. I started messing with bands when I was 12, playing guitar, and learning rocks songs from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, like most guys of my age.

I left school when I was 15 and started as technician with the PMG, but moved on and worked for the Overseas Telecommunications Commission for the next 23years, working all over the country, mostly as a communications operator (morse code), and then onwards as a senior manager in marketing.

I spent four years in Darwin and worked with some pretty special bands and people and learnt a lot about the professional side of music, travelling everywhere in the process. It was a blast. From that time onwards, no matter where I went, I was in one band or another, and when OTC eventually folded under the ‘Telstra’ banner, I turned my love of music and particularly equipment and sound engineering, into a full time job, and opened my own business.

I had numerous bands and muso’s working out of my shop and was playing bass in a couple of bands and guitar in my own covers band, which is where Shez came along. She blew me away then, and still does. I started backing her at country music festivals, which had a twofold effect.

It taught me some country stuff, and filled my shop with people wanting Maton’s and guitar setup!! The shops was a huge success but took a huge toll on my private life. Eventually, my marriage gave way, the shop went with it, and Shez and I, already good friends, decided to strike out together.

That was nearly 12 years ago, and while work and family commitments have driven a lot of our recent life together, we have never stopped wanting to do our music. We look forward to what is yet to come, particularly with the boys on our heels. We have some awesome friends at Steel City and thank everyone for the continued support”.

Sherrie & Dave are now doing some local gigs and working on recording their first Album.