Detour Country Band

Detour Country Band

The Detour Country Band

Regulars :
Wayne Metcalf               Guitar & Vocals
Steve Milner                   Drums
Dick Ayre                         Fiddle
Terry Hall                        Bass
Robyn Eshman             Vocals
Noel Eshman                  Pedal Steel,Vocals & Lead Guitar



Detour on Main Stage - Toukley
On Main Stage :  With John Chesworth, Joanne & Ken Foote : Central Coast Country Music   Festival 2011. Compare Dave Proust from 94.1FM

Special Friends :
Joanne  Foote                 Guitar & Vocals
Ken Foote                       Bass & Lead Guitar
John Chesworth              Double Bass & Lead Guitar
Ken Saville                     Harmonica
Our Special Friends help out when our regulars can’t make it.

Detour in Tamworth - 2010
Tamworth 2010: With Ken Saville. (Right side back with sunnies)








Detour Double Bass Player in Toukley
John Chesworth, With His Home Made “DOUBLE BASS”.
When John plays lead he uses his again Home Made “STRAT” !!!    Clever Dude !


Detour started life in 2007 jaming at Nelson Bay Golf Club with Mal Norton & occasionally Terry Hall & John Chesworth, progressing to Steel City Country Music Club at Lake Macquarie.Our first public outing was the Bluewater Country Music Festival 2009 at Nelson Bay, Steve,Cheso,Ken & Joanne Foote & myself,where we finished 3rd.

In 2009 we were joined by Robyn,Noel, Dick & Terry. We jammed at Steve’s & just for fun in 2010

we went to Tamworth,where we finished  in the Top 10 of the buskers competition. Also in 2010 we won the “Bluewater Festival” & again in 2011 at Tamworth finishing in the “TOP 10”.