Entertainment at the Five Islands Recreation Club with Steel City CMC for April 2013

Sorry a bit late with the info. Stony Creek band opened our First Tuesday of the Month, which fell on of course the first April Fools day. Now how many got caught? Stony Creek were not fooling around and put on a great opening for the night as usual.

I mentioned last month of two groups who I was unsure of, both were good although one of the groups were best suited at another venue, but if you heard the Zane Penn duo at the last Sunday, you would be like me impressed albeit a few sound problems early, but once they got it right was enjoyable. The Bass man Mark also came along on our first Tuesday of the month and enjoyed himself so much he said he’s going to tell all his friends about our night. The more the merrier.

Sunday 6th at 5pm Adam P will be in attendance not sure if he is on his own or with his two friends either way it’s an afternoon of good easy listening music.

Tuesday 8th We will be having our Patchwork group. It’s a good fun night. Starting around 7.30pm

Sunday 13th at   5pm  Karen O’Shea If you haven’t seen this pocket size dynamo do yourself a favour most critics rate Karen as having one of the best voices in country.

Tuesday 15th 7pm Footloose will be the guest band as always they supply great music and are always willing to lend a hand and are always good company. Although not real sure about ‘Dickie Knee’

Sunday 20th at 5pm See’s the return of the Italian Cowboy Peter Cosimo. Peter has been doing some great stuff around the area and will no doubt sing all of your old favourites.

Tuesday 22nd 7pm The ever popular Barnsley boys will be guest band as always nice light Enterainment . Rumour has it Geoff Wilson took all the N/L’s and their now on the way to Canada.

Sunday 27th at 5pm Can’t think of a better way off the last Sunday than have Dave ,Whoops done it again make that Sheri and Dave. Dave has been busy recording Sheri lot’s of good new songs can’t wait to hear it… maybe a few sneak previews on the day.

Tuesday 29th Could have a surprise guest group or it will be Patch work this is because of our fifth Tuesday in the Month

Remember if you have any news for our N/L contact Sheri.

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